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Footwear exports increase 9%

Footwear exports increase 9%

18 May, 2017

The Portuguese footwear keeps speeding up the pace. In the first quarter of the year, external sales increased 8.9%. From January to March, Portugal exported 24 million pairs of shoes, in a total amount of 535 million euros. If the data is confirmed, 2017 may be the 8th consecutive year of the Portuguese footwear growth on international markets.

Since 2009, the footwear exports have already increased 59% to a new historical maximum of 1.923 million euros in 2016. The Portuguese footwear exports are increasing in almost every relevant European markets. Within Europe, there’s a growth of 8%, with highlights to France (9.5% to 124 million euros), Germany (14.1% growth to 95 million euros) and Netherlands (over 4.7% to 71 million euros). However, it’s outside the European market that the sales are increasing the most (14.9%). Highlight to the increase in the USA (over 6.2% to 18 million euros), Russia (over 23% to 9 million euros) and Angola (over 124% to 7 million euros).
The Portuguese footwear industry currently exports 95% of its production to 152 countries worldwide.

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