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Guava X Versace

Guava X Versace

17 Jan, 2018


Looking back it’s hard to underestimate the impact Gianni Versace had on fashion. His unique blend of rock and roll and couture made him one of the most admired designers of all times. Versace created an impressive and memorable brand, that will be now honored, in the most spectacular exhibition ever, brought to Berlin, by private collectors from Italy and around the world.
The opening ceremony, on the 30th of January, will find its highlight in an amazing runway show,  presenting some of the historical pieces of the designer paired with GUAVA shoes.

It will be an explosion of colors, shapes, strict lines and bound breaking angles, where wearable pop-Art meets exquisite geometric creations.The Portuguese brand was the only shoe & accessories brand to be invited to be part of the exhibition
and we can easily acknowledge why.The Versace aesthetic, marked by bold colors and daring cuts, perfectly matches the outstanding Guava’s designs inspired by the rich architectural and geometric imaginative of Inês Caleiro. Guava’s
geometric heels personifies the boldness and elegance and still the exquisiteness of an independent,
strong women that Gianni always envisions on his pieces.

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