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Geração 4.0: Rafic Daud

Geração 4.0: Rafic Daud

29 Aug, 2018

Rafic Daud, Undandy Shoes

Unique and unrepeatable. Possess our own luxury, made at our reflection with all the resemblance. This is the emotion of Undandy, more than a brand: a feeling. And Rafic Daud was present on its origin.

In 2015, a bold project was born that broke all the established barriers. A footwear brand exclusively selling online… and without a collection. Designers? The designers are the customers themselves. Going to Undandy’s website is all it takes. One will find thousands combinations to choose from, almost simultaneously, from the sole to the laces.

Rafic is the mastermind behind the brand’s success. Currently, Undandy is sold to 140 countries, with approximately 60% of the sales goint to the USA.

How did you decide to embrace a project in the footwear sector?
I had no experience at all in the footwear sector or ecommerce. Actually, here the technology just exists to facilitate the shoe conception process to the client. After questioning ourselves why wouldn’t it be possible to create custom-made shoes in the same way it’s possible to customize cars, for example, the concept emerged naturally. As Portuguese, we were aware of the incredible production quality of the footwear and thus, we work with a shop with third generation shoemakers, in São João da Madeira.

Undandy’s business model is substantially different from what exists in the sector. Tell me more about it…

Undandy’s true innovation is clearly is business model. Through our online platform, we’re able to involve the costumer in the design process of its own shoes. On a world increasingly focused on the masses, exclusivity is becoming crucial and our customers values the possibility of that because they will never again have problems looking for the shoes they want. On the other hand, we’re a native digital brand, which means, we were born and live only in the digital world, for now. The whole process happens on the screen, which allows us to reach consumers worldwide with a completely different speed.


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