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Eco-friendly solutions

Eco-friendly solutions

26 Sep, 2018

The Portuguese footwear companies have been reinventing themselves, year after year. Quality and design are the mandatory principles for the presentation, however, sustainability is becoming one of main concerns of the Portuguese companies.

Rutz creates its first eco organic line
“The environment increasingly needs our attention and involvement. The climatic changes are far from being a myth and there are several cases as proof: melting polar ice caps, the water level is rising and, most recently, extreme heat waves, mostly in Europe, that caused fires with unprecedented fatalities, in Portugal and Greece”. These occurrences inspired Rutz to create the CorKorganic Co. line, which aims to combine cork with ecological and organic materials full of natural colors.
CorKorganic is the first of many “Rutz Walk in Cork” collections, entirely dedicated to sustainability, ecology and veganism. An Eco-Vegan collection with choices of non-animal, non-pollute materials or resources that substantially reduce CO2 emissions to the atmosphere: cork, organic cotton, microfibers and natural rubber soles and cork particles.

Kayak Storm: an environmental concern
It is already a well-known brand in Portugal due to its environmental concerns. However, once again, Kayak has surprised the whole market at this edition of the greatest footwear fair worldwide.
Besides the Spring/Summer collection to men and women, the brand presented a vegan line. With the consumers who are most concerned about the environment and the non-use of animal and pollute products in mind, Kayak has launched a vegan – as it already does since 2013 – manufactured with a rigorous selection of materials, aiming to contribute to a more sustainable market.
Essentially, the shoes are made with high-quality raw materials, such as cork, and even more technical products, such as recycled textiles from PET and cereal bottles that are not used in the food industry.
This way, Kayak Storm goal is to reduce the environmental impact that the footwear industry has on its surroundings and to assume more social responsibility, in which the company has great pride.
The company currently exports to over 35 countries in Africa, Europe, America and Asia.


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