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8 Apr, 2019

Over almost 2 years and covering 3 seasons, the Portuguese Leather Cluster has developed an innovative Leather Design Project that started from trend presentations to develop the finished leathers, presenting these in a TrendBook and made into leather goods prototypes.

To present this achievement EXPOPELE by PT Leather InDesign event will take place in the Leather Museum of Alcanena in the 11th and 12th April 2019, along with the exhibition of the leather cluster institutions, conferences on Leather Authenticity, the Leather Circular Economy and Internationalization, and a catwalk that will showcase the leathergoods prototypes developed in the PT Leather InDesign project.


(registration needed, which can be done here)

09:30 | Opening
Nuno Carvalho - President APIC
Carla Tavares - On behalf of Exmo. Mr. Secretary of State for Internationalization
Nuno Mangas - President IAPMEI and on behalf of the Hon. Minister for Economic Affairs
Fernanda Asseiceira - Mayor of Alcanena

 10:00 | PT Leather InDesign: Closing Session
Gonçalo Santos - Secretary General APIC
Alcino Martinho- Director General CTIC
Eduardo Costa - Director General CFPIC
Nuno Mangas - President IAPMEI

11:00 | PT Leather InDesign 2: Design presentation Trends Fall / Winter 2020/21
Gonçalo Santos - Secretary General APIC
João Carvalho

12:00 | Conference "Authenticity and Image of Leather"
Gustavo Quijano - Secretary General COTANCE (moderator)
Graça Herdade - IAPMEI
Marta Lima Basto - Deputy Director General of Economic Activities DGAE

13:00 | Flying lunch

 14:30 |  Conference "Tanning Industry: Vision 2030"

Nuno Carvalho - President APIC

14:50 | Internationalization in the leather line
Gonçalo Santos - Secretary General APIC (moderator)
João Maia - Director General APICCAPS
Carla Tavares - Secretary of State for Internationalization


15:30 | Carbon Footprint of Leather and Leather Goods
Mercês Ferreira - APA (moderator)
Primiano De Rosa - UNIC (Specialist Carbon Footprint)
Maria José Ferreira - CTCP

16:00 | Coffee break


16:10 | Circular Economy and Sustainability
Jaime Braga - Advisor Director CIP (moderator)
Ilídio Loução - Administrator ARH Tejo
Jose Sevilla - ECOCUADRADO
Carlos Martinho - Managing Director AUSTRA

17:00 | Conference Closing
Luís Castro Henriques - President AICEP

17:30 | PT Leather InDesign Fashion Show


(free access)

14:00 | Opening to the public

15:30 | Conference "Certification in the Tannery Industry"

(in English with sequential translation)
Gonçalo Santos - Secretary General APIC (moderator)
Deborah Taylor - Director LWG - Leather Working Group
Sabrina Frontini - Director ICEC - Istituto di Certificazione per l'Area Pelle

16:30 | Coffee break

17:00 | Leather: History and sustainability
João Carvalho

18:00 | PT Leather InDesign Fashion Show

19:00 | Closing
Nuno Carvalho - President APIC
Fernanda Asseiceira - Mayor of Alcanena

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