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A new destination called Japan

A new destination called Japan

29 Jun, 2016

Japan had a strong comeback to the Portuguese companies’ time line. The bet on new markets, mainly outside Europe, is a major priority of the Portuguese footwear industry in the near future. Latin America, China, USA and Japan will deserve a special approach within this market diversification strategy.

This November, the Portuguese footwear begins a new investment on the Japanese market. It is estimated that more than a dozen of Portuguese companies will take part on Tokyo’s Fashion Week. It is the biggest fashion event in Japan, which occurs twice a year, and hosts around 850 exhibitors from the whole world – combining clothing, footwear and accessories – and over 28.000 professional visitors.

The potential of the Japanese market is extraordinary for the Portuguese footwear. “It’s a mature and demanding market, which is particularly attentive to the fashion phenomena and also pays special attention to the trends of the European brands”, states Fortunato Frederico, APICCAPS’ President.
In the past five years the Portuguese exports to Japan increased over 70%, passing from 7,5 to 13 million euros at the end of last year. Numbers which catch the attention for the market’s potential that can now be enhanced.

According to World Footwear Yearbook, Japan is one of the most promisor markets on the international scene. It is the fifth country worldwide in terms of usage, with an apparent consumption of 607 million pairs per year. Japan exports annually more than 590 million pairs of shoes, specially to China (395 million in 2014), Vietnam (62 milion) and Italy (27 million).

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