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A new journey for kids footwear

A new journey for kids footwear

13 Nov, 2018

It’s a campaign full of smiles, taste of candy and dreams in the shape of balloons. In this project the key players are the kids.
With the slogan ‘Child’s Play’, APICCAPS presents the new promotion campaign of the children segment. The goals are clear: increase exports, conquer new clients and approach new markets.
This is the second campaign of this (micro) segment and, for the first time, it gathers two sectors: footwear and clothing. “These sectors are the two main Portuguese exporters, so it makes all sense to create synergies together”, says Marlene Oliveira, the head of international unit at CENIT. Clothing and footwear have literally gathered all rags for this promotional campaign that will go around the world.
The Portuguese exports of children’s footwear increased 42% over the past five years and have ascended to a total amount of 125 million euros by the end of 2015. This is a highly significant growth potential.
“Portugal exports 5 million children’s pairs of shoes per year. It is a very specific segment with great demand. With the abilities acquired by the Portuguese companies through the generations and with a highly significant development capacity, we can make a difference in this highly demanding segment”.

What are the particularities of this sector?
Cristiano Lopes is the director of Wolf&Son, the brand he created along with his sister Marta and which has equal shoes for parents and kids. A third generation company specialized in the production of male shoes.
However, making equal shoes doesn’t mean the production is identical. Manufacturing kids’ shoes requires some concerns and “the parents that buy Wolf&Son’s for their kids pau attention to details that doesn’t exist in other children’s brands”.
Along with the excellence choice of materials is safety and comfort: “we always choose equal materials for parents and the kids but always with the requirement of being comfortable, light and durable. We can never forget that our clients are very energetic”, states Cristiano.
To Jorge Fernandes da Savana, Comfort is the key word when it comes to children footwear. “It’s what the market demands. Besides following the adult fashion trends, currently the demand is comfort”. The company from Felgueiras has been investing in the introduction of the Strobel construction, which makes the shoes even more comfortable and flexible. “We increasingly feel the clients – in this case the parents – are looking for flexible, soft and comfortable footwear. Therefore, that is the way we should go”. For the company’s director, the sector “has a great growth potential in external markets”.
This campaign is within the sector’s ongoing internationalization strategy, which results in the attendance of Portuguese footwear companies at approximately 60 professionals fairs worldwide and in communication actions, incorporated in the ongoing image campaign with the designation Portuguese Shoes: Designed by the Future.


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