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APICCAPS promotes campaign to attract young people

APICCAPS promotes campaign to attract young people

7 Jun, 2017

Capture a new generation of talents”. This is the goal of the campaign to attract young people that APICCAPS is undertaking in the main production centers of the Portuguese footwear sector. With the slogan “Feeling Sexy”, along with the sentence “join the sexiest industry of Europe”, this new campaign is based on a clear premise: since 2010, the footwear sector has created 9.000 new jobs in Portugal and, that way, providing career opportunities for young people in several fields, from production to design, logistics, new technologies, marketing or the business area. This is one of the first actions of Luís Onofre.

Reinforce the sector’s technical skills is one of the high priorities of the next triennium. In addition to attracting qualified young people, encouraging training and incorporating added value expertise (design, fashion, marketing, new technologies, among others), promoting international internships program, launching an entrepreneurship program or promoting a smart recast of the training programs are some of the most relevant actions on the domains of training and qualification that APICCAPS will endeavor.

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