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Calçado em números

Calçado em números

13 Jul, 2018

The Portuguese footwear industry exports over 95% of its production to 152 countries throughout the five continents. Over the last ten years, the Portuguese footwear sales have increased over 60% and over 10.000 new jobs were created.
The Portuguese footwear industry is in constant evolution. It’s a young, modern and a forward-looking industry, which combines tradition with the latest technologies and know-how with a cutting-edge design.

These are the current numbers of the Portuguese footwear:

The number of footwear companies in Portugal, at the end of 2017, according to APICCAPS’ Studies Office. Since 2010, 280 new companies were created (over 22.4%).

The number of workers within the Portuguese footwear sector. Since 2010, employment has increased 25% to 40.080 professionals and 7948 new jobs were created. Considering the whole industry, the numbers are even more expressive, with the creation of 10.179 jobs.

The number of pairs of shoes exported by Portugal, in 2017. In comparison with the previous year, there’s an increase of 2.9%.

Million of euros. The maximum value registered by the Portuguese Footwear Industry, in 2017. This is the eighth consecutive year of growth of exports.

Million euros. The exports value of the Portuguese footwear industry to the USA, in 2017. Since 2010, there was a growth of approximately 500% (12 million euros in exports, in 2010). The USA is already the 7th destination market of the Portuguese footwear, concerning international markets.


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