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Portugal strengthens its presence at Micam

Portugal strengthens its presence at Micam

14 Sep, 2018

Portugal keeps strengthening its presence at the biggest footwear exhibition worldwide. Over 90 companies will integrate the national committee at MICAM, which will take place on 16-19 September, and MIPEL (accessories’ exhibition).
The attendance at MICAM is part of the promotional strategy defined by APICCAPS and AICEP, with the support of the Program COMPETE 2020, that aims to consolidate the relative position of the Portuguese footwear in external markets. Since the beginning of this year, approximately 200 companies from the footwear sector are participating on a mega promotional program at a global scale, which will result on the presence in around 60 of the most prestigious specialty international forums.

Strong presence at MICAM
In September, in Milan, Portugal will register one of the greatest representations ever at an event abroad. Altogether, the over 90 Portuguese companies that will attend MICAM are responsible for over 8.000 jobs and approximately 500 million euros in exports. At MIPEL, four of the most important Portuguese companies will promote the growing sector of leather goods.
The external promotion is the main priority to the Portuguese footwear industry, which exports over 95%. As the attendance at the most prestigious footwear exhibition worldwide is of the utmost importance, there’s an expected global investment around the two million euros. Overall, over 1.600 exhibitors from around 50 countries will mark their presence at Milan’s fair. Portugal will be, once again, the second largest foreign delegation at the fair, only being surpassed by Spain.

Around the World in 365 days
A true journey around the world in 365 days. In 2018, the Portuguese Footwear is going to attend over 60 promotional initiatives abroad. Altogether, over 180 companies are part of the ambitious promotional campaign of the Portuguese Footwear in external markets.
The Portuguese Footwear will participate in the most relevant professional fairs worldwide. If Germany, Spain, France and Italy already have a substantial attention from the Portuguese companies, this year the main investment is on two strategic markets: Japan and USA.
The Portuguese footwear sales for the USA have been increasing consistently, from 12 to 70 million euros over the past eight years. In June, 20 companies have participated in the initiative ‘Portugal Design Showcase’, in NY, which gathered at the same event the sectors of clothing, footwear and jewelry. In August, the companies attended the PN Platform, in Las Vegas. This is, without a doubt, the biggest investment the Portuguese footwear has ever made in the North-American market. The goal is to double the exports in the next few years.
In October, it will be Japan’s turn with the Fashion World Tokyo. This is the greatest fashion exhibition in Japan, which happens twice a year and welcomes approximately 850 exhibitors from all around the world, among the clothing, footwear and fashion accessories’ sectors, and over 28.000 professional visitors.
According to World Footwear Yearbook, Japan, with 127 million inhabitants, is one of the most promising markets on the international scene. In terms of consumption, it’s in the 6th place on a global scale with a consumption of 703 million pairs of shoes per year. The Japanese annually imports 650 million pairs of shoes, especially from China (522 million in 2017), Vietnam (60 million) and Indonesia (28 million)


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