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GDS changes the dates

GDS changes the dates

4 Oct, 2016

“The footwear sector’s dynamic is unstoppable and changes occur constantly. That’s why we need to quickly adapt our development”. This statement is from Kirstin Deutelmoser, GDS’s Director. Its origin is on the new alteration of the dates of the considered the «fair of the fairs».

It’s basically a return to the past, when GDS used to take place in September. “The industry made the decision; we are only reflecting the changes. It’s very important to know how to react to the markets conditions, in these days.

After the last events, we knew we had to adjust the exhibitions’ concept. We knew we needed to be in direct contact with the sector in order to understand its needs and demands”. Therefore, next year, GDS will maintain its dates in February (between 7 and 9) but has announced that the second edition of the year, initially scheduled to June, will take place between 7 and 9 September, a postponement of one month in relation to the current dates, thus staying closest to MICAM (scheduled between 17 to 20 September).
The sector’s international calendar keeps experiencing major changes.

 The anticipation of the collections presentations' seemed to be the main motive to GDS, however, the discussion of the dates will be eternal. “The sector believes to be important to bring GDS closer to the beginning of the seasons. That’s what we have decided, together with the Advisory Board, to extend the Summer 2017 presentations’ to the beginning of September. In addition, the exhibition will take place from Sunday to Tuesday.”

According to Kristin Deutelmoser, the changes' aim is to “strengthen GDS as an important source to the information exchange. We certainly want to attract more visitors. On the one hand, the industry wants to present its value-brand, but, on the other hand, keeping the requests as the central point of the business.”

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