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Josefinas promoting solidarity

Josefinas promoting solidarity

16 Aug, 2018

The numbers are not deceiving and are increasingly worrying. In Portugal, 14 women are victims of domestic violence every day. In 2017 alone, APAV (Portuguese Association for Victim Support) has registered 9176 victims and 21.161 crimes.

For this reason, Josefinas joined this cause and has created a supportive collection, together with APAV. You can leave (Podes sair) is the campaign’s slogan, which has as main goal to “encourage and give hope to the victims of verbal and physical abuses”.

Inspired by the clothes’ labels, the Portuguese brand has created symbols of how every human being should be treated. “Do not use a washing machine”, “Do not iron” or “Do Not Tumble Dry” in this collection were transformed into “Do not hurt”, “Do not blame” or “Do not control”. The labels also mention the number of women that suffer from domestic violence, the age range more susceptible and the number of women that live in countries where domestic abuses are not considered a crime.

The collection You can leave has three models of sneakers. “Just like a common piece of clothing, it appears to be essential that every human being comes with a label with ‘how to use’ instructions so it can’t be destroyed by another person”, says Maria Cunha, the brand’s CEO.
The brand has the commitment to help five women for each pair sold. The amount collected of money reverts to APAV’s safe houses, so endangered women can have access to basic needs.

To Daniel Cotrim, Technical Supervisor of APAV’s Safe Houses, “the partnership with Josefinas in the project You can Leave is important because, in some way, it represents the positive reinforcement regarding the people who decided to leave, change and restart their lives, which a lot of times is really hard. At the same time, is saying to the other women that are in a context of violence that it is possible to walk way and ask for help”.
This is not the first time the brand joins this cause. Proud to be a woman is a campaign, in which the brand has also created a special collection with laces with that sentence on. For every 15 pairs sold, Josefinas supports 15 women.


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