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Portugal hosts UITIC Congress

Portugal hosts UITIC Congress

9 Oct, 2017

Next year, Portugal will be the host of the International Union of Shoe Industry Technicians (UITIC). Jointly organized by APICCAS and the Footwear Technology Centre of Portugal (CTCP), the 20th edition of the World Footwear Congress will take place in Oporto, on 16 to 18 May. 500 of the most prestigious industry professionals are expected to come to our country.

“From Fashion to factory: a new technological age” is the Congress’ theme, that, curiously, was suggested by Portugal, at a time when APICCAPS is preparing the presentation of its project FOOTure 4.0, in which the Portuguese footwear sector proposes to be a major international reference on the use of new technologies, accomplishment that implies an investment of around 50 million euros.

In which way is modern digital technology transforming the customers’ behavior? Are the companies ready for this new digital revolution? How will the traditional business models interconnect with the advent of online sales? Which technological solutions will endure this new digital era in the near future? This will be the starting point of the 20th International Congress of UITIC, which will have leading speakers from over 15 countries.

The conference will gather experts from all over the world, who have a major impact on the world market for footwear, such as universities, scientific and technological entities, brands, retailers, component manufacturers and specialized companies in the development of cutting-edge technologies.

To APICCAPS’ President, “hosting the most important World Congress in Portugal is synonym for the international prestige the sector has achieved in the recent past”. Consequently, for the first time, for three days “the 500 participants of the congress will visit over a dozen Portuguese benchmark companies, in order to satisfy the enormous curiosity about the Portuguese Footwear Industry”, stated Luís Onofre.



Founded in 1972, UITIC is an organization created to develop technical knowledge in the footwear sector, namely through organizing international conferences on a regular basis and creation of exchanges of information among its members. The previous UITIC’s congresses happened in China, India and Mexico, which are precisely the three main players of the sector on the international market.

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